Savannah-Chatham County Public School System


​​ Elementary​​​

Bloomingdale Elementary

1700 Highgate Boulevard<BR>Savannah, GA 31302​​

(912) 395-3680
Brock Elementary School(912) 395-5300
Butler Elementary School(912) 395-2525

​​ELA and Formey​​

Early Learning Center at Henderson E. Formey School(912) 395-5500​​ ​​
Gadsden Elementary School(912) 395-5940

​​Garden City Elementary​​

Garden City Elementary(912) 395-6820

​​Gould Elementary​​

Gould Elementary School(912) 395-5400

​​Haven Elementary​​​​​​

Haven Elementary School(912) 395-6501
Heard Elementary School(912) 395-6630
Hodge Elementary School(912) 395-5200

​​Humanities at Low​​​​

Humanities at Juliette Gordon Low Elementary School(912) 395-6380

​​Jacob G. Smith Elementary​​​​​​​​​​​

Jacob G. Smith Elementary School(912) 395-6530

​​Largo-Tibet Elementary​​​​​​​​​​​

Largo-Tibet Elementary School(912) 395-3450
Marshpoint Elementary School(912) 395-4000
May Howard Elementary School(912) 395-3925
Pooler Elementary School(912) 395-3625

Pulaski Elementary

Pulaski Elementary School(912) 395-6466
Shuman Elementary School(912) 395-4500
Southwest Elementary School(912) 395-3300
West Chatham Elementary School(912) 395-3600
White Bluff Elementary School(912) 395-3325

​​Williams Elementary

Williams Elementary School(912) 395-2500
Windsor Forest Elementary School(912) 395-3353

Charles Ellis Montessori Academy

Ellis Montessori Academy(912) 395-5470​​

Esther F. Garrison School for the Arts

Garrison School for the Arts(912) 395-5975​

Georgetown K-8 School

Georgetown K-8 School(912) 395-3475 ​

Godley Station School

Godley Station K-8 School(912) 395-6000 ​ ​

Herman W. Hesse K-8 School

Hesse K-8 School(912) 395-6440

Isle of Hope K-8 School

Isle of Hope K-8 School(912) 395-6555

Twilight Program

New Hampstead K-8 School(912) 395-6200

Rice Creek K-8 School

Rice Creek K-8 School(912) 395-4100 ​

Coastal Middle School​​​

Coastal Middle School(912) 395-3950

DeRenne Middle School

DeRenne Middle School(912) 395-5900

Hubert Middle School

Hubert Middle School(912) 395-5235

Myers Middle School

Myers Middle School(912) 395-6600 ​ ​​

Mercer Middle School

Mercer Middle School

5330 Montgomery Street
Savannah, GA 31405​​

(912) 395-6700 ​

Southwest Middle School

Southwest Middle School(912) 395-3540

STEM Academy at Bartlett

STEM Academy at Bartlett(912) 395-3500

West Chatham Middle School

West Chatham Middle School(912) 395-3650

Beach High School​​​

Beach High School(912) 395-5330 ​​

Groves High School

Groves High School

201 Rommel Avenue
Savannah, GA 31408 ​​

(912) 395-2520​​

Islands High School(912) 395-2000 ​

Herschel V. Jenkins High School

Jenkins High School(912) 395-6300​ ​​

Johnson High School

Johnson High School(912) 395-6400 ​ ​​

Liberal Studies at SHS

Liberal Studies at Savannah High School(912) 395-5050​​ ​​

New Hampstead High School

New Hampstead High School(912) 395-6789

Savannah Arts Academy

Savannah Arts Academy(912) 395-5000

Savannah Early College High School

Savannah Early College High School(912) 395-2535

Windsor Forest High School

Windsor Forest High School(912) 395-3400 ​​

Woodville Tompkins High School

Woodville-Tompkins High School(912) 395-6750​

Building Bridges High School Academy

Building Bridges High School Academy(912) 395-2540

Building Bridges Middle School Academy

Building Bridges Middle School Academy

3609 Hopkins Street
Savannah, GA​ 31408​​

(912) 395-6780​

Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Academy

Coastal Ga. Comp. Academy(912) 395-5440​

Coastal Harbour Treatment Center

Coastal Harbour Treatment Center(912) 354-3911​

Massie Heritage Center

Massie Heritage Center(912) 395-5070 ​ ​​

Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Oatland Island Wildlife Center(912) 395-1212​


Savannah-Chatham E-Learning Academy

3609 Hopkins St. Room 7A
Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 395-5516

Wings Elementary Alt. Learning

Wings Elementary Alt. Learning(912) 354-6744​​​

Coastal Empire Montessori Academy​​​​​

Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School(912) 395-4070

Oglethorpe Charter School​​​​​

Oglethorpe Charter School(912) 395-5075​

​​Savannah Classical Academy​​​​​

Savannah Classical Academy(912) 395-4040​

Susie King Taylor Community School​​​

Susie King Taylor Community School(912) 395-4200​

Tybee Island Maritime Academy​​​

Tybee Island Maritime Academy(912) 395-4060​

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