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001.jpg001950 x 540137 KB 11/7/2018 10:02 AM SHS Student Lauded as HeroNoNo
Savannah Fire Chief Charles G. Middleton presented teen hero Taequan Mitchell with a plaque and several gifts in recognition of his bravery.
_selfhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/Savannah-High-Student-Lauded-as-Hero-After-Saving-Neighbor-from-Fire.aspxhttps://sccpss.smugmug.com/Savannah-High-Hero-Recognized-by-Savannah-Fire-DepartmentNONOYES_parent_blank_blankREAD MOREVIEW PHOTOS
031824NavyWeek.png031824NavyWeek960 x 540689 KB 3/22/2024 1:50 PMNoNo
Navy Weeks are the service's signature outreach program coordinated by the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO).
_selfhttps://sccpss.com/Pages/2024-Navy-Week-Once-Again-Celebrated-in-Savannah-Chatham-Schools.aspxNOYESYES_blank_blank_blankLearn More
032513_visit_savannah144.jpg032513_visit_savannah1441200 x 675133 KB 4/8/2024 9:01 AMFlowers in Forsyth ParkNoNo
All SCCPSS schools and facilities will be closed on Friday, March 29th. The SCCPSS Central Office will be closed to the public April 1st-5th unless a pre-scheduled appointment is made. Students will return to learning on Monday, April 8th.
100 day plan.jpg100 day plan480 x 36023 KB 9/5/2023 10:04 AMNoYes
Superintendent Releases Transition Plan for first 100 Days
150Days.jpg150Days492 x 27934 KB 12/4/2023 4:24 PMThe First 100 DaysNoYes
_blankhttps://sccpss.com/Pages/Superintendent-Watts-Releases-First-100-Day-Plan.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2019 first day of school marquee image.jpg2019 first day of school marquee image1087 x 613168 KB 8/20/2019 3:07 PMNoNo
38,000 students returned to class for the first day of school on August 5th!
_selfhttps://sccpss.smugmug.com/First-Day-of-the-2019-20-School-Year-August-5-2019NOYESYES_parent_blank_blankSee Photos
2019 Graduation Pics Marquee.jpg2019 Graduation Pics Marquee1087 x 613188 KB 9/18/2019 10:31 AMNoYes
New security protocols to be implemented for 2020 Graduations.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/2020-SCCPSS-Graduations-to-Feature-Enhanced-Security-Protocols-for-Attendees.aspxhttp://internet.savannah.chatham.k12.ga.us/district/AcademicAffairs/HighSchools/Pages/Graduation.aspxNONOYES_parent_parent_blankLearn MoreView Schedule
2020 EXPO MARQUEE IMAGE.jpg2020 EXPO MARQUEE IMAGE1087 x 61395 KB 10/24/2023 10:35 AMNoNo
The SCCPSS Choice Program Application process will kick-off at the Expo from 10am to 3pm.
_selfhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/Student-Success-Expo-Set-for-January-11,-2020.aspxNOYESYES_blank_blank_blankRead More
2020 EXPO MARQUEE.jpg2020 EXPO MARQUEE1087 x 61378 KB 1/6/2020 5:24 PMNoNo
The SCCPSS Choice Program Application process will kick-off at the Expo from 10am to 3pm.
_selfhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/Student-Success-Expo-Set-for-January-11,-2020.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2020 Graduation Celebration Marquee.jpg2020 Graduation Celebration Marquee680 x 38570 KB 4/23/2020 10:50 AMNoYes
Seniors will join in a parade of cars to receive their cap, gown, honor cords, and a special gift from the Superintendent.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/SCCPSS-Plans-to-Celebrate-2020-Graduates-with-Curbside-Distribution-of-Caps,-Gowns-and-Regalia.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2020 Graduation Marquee altered.jpg2020 Graduation Marquee altered680 x 38570 KB 5/11/2020 3:43 PMGraduation 2020NoYes
Seniors will join a parade of cars to receive their cap, gown, honor cords and a special gift! This event is by invitation only. Only vehicles transporting SCCPSS graduates will be allowed on campus.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/SCCPSS-announces-Virtual-Graduation-Schedule.aspxhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Documents/AN%20OPEN%20LETTER%20FROM%20THE%20SUPERINTENDENT%20TO%20THE%20CLASS%20OF%202020.pdfhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/SCCPSS-Plans-to-Celebrate-2020-Graduates-with-Curbside-Distribution-of-Caps,-Gowns-and-Regalia.aspxNONONO_parent_parent_parentVirtual GraduationsSuperintendent's LetterLearn More
2021 First Day of School Marquee Image.jpg2021 First Day of School Marquee Image1087 x 613127 KB 8/7/2021 9:17 PMNoYes
It was great to see so many happy faces back in school today for the start of the 2021-22 SY!
_blankhttps://sccpss.smugmug.com/Forward-to-School-First-Day-2021-August-4-2021NOYESYES_parent_blank_blankSee Photos
2022 Back to School Expo Marquee Pic.jpg2022 Back to School Expo Marquee Pic1087 x 61394 KB 7/23/2023 8:51 AMNoYes
Meet school staff and get assistance with all your back to school needs!
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/SCCPSS-to-Host-SY-22-23-Annual-Back-to-School-Expo-on-Saturday,-July-30th.aspxhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/com/Pages/Back-To-School.aspxNONOYES_parent_parent_blankLearn MoreBack to School Info
2022 Back to School.jpg2022 Back to School1087 x 61373 KB 7/15/2022 5:03 PMNoYes
Information on Open House dates, supplies, uniforms and more!
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/com/Pages/Back-To-School.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2023 ANNUAL REPORT MARQUEE.jpg2023 ANNUAL REPORT MARQUEE1087 x 613228 KB 6/30/2023 12:01 PMNoYes
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/2023-Annual-Report-Released.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankRead More
2023 BACK TO SCHOOL MARQUEE.jpg2023 BACK TO SCHOOL MARQUEE1087 x 613124 KB 8/3/2023 3:52 PMNoYes
GET READY TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!  Find Open House Schedules, Uniform & Supply Lists, and much more here.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/com/Pages/Back-To-School.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2023 Budget Marquee PIC.jpg2023 Budget Marquee PIC1087 x 613206 KB 6/28/2023 5:05 PMNoYes
Public Hearings are scheduled to allow input on the FY24 Budget. Check the calendar for dates and times.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/Facts-You-Should-Know-About-the-Budget-and-the-Millage-Rate.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2023 EXPO MARQUEE.jpg2023 EXPO MARQUEE1087 x 61391 KB 1/23/2023 11:31 AMNoYes
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/14th-Annual-Student-Success-Expo-Set-for-January-21st-at-Savannah-Civic-Center!.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2023 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL MARQUEE.jpg2023 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL MARQUEE1087 x 613176 KB 8/16/2023 12:23 PMNoYes
Classrooms were full of smiling students and teachers on the first day of the new school year!
_blankhttps://sccpss.smugmug.com/First-Days-of-the-2023-24-SY-August-3-4-2023NOYESYES_parent_blank_blankPhoto Gallery
2023 GRADUATIONS MARQUEE.jpg2023 GRADUATIONS MARQUEE1087 x 61398 KB 5/26/2023 1:18 PMNoYes
SCCPSS Graduation Ceremonies take place May 22-25, 2023 at Savannah's Enmarket Arena.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/2023-Graduation-Schedule-Announced.aspxhttps://youtube.com/live/xXjfBqZ1FBw?feature=sharehttps://spwww.sccpss.com/com/Pages/Graduation.aspxNONONO_parent_parent_parentScheduleWatch LivestreamInformation
Watch the recording of the Superintendent's presentation at the button below.
_blankhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umv97zt7GYwNOYESYES_blank_blank_blankWatch Recording
2023 Teacher of the Year Marquee.jpg2023 Teacher of the Year Marquee1087 x 61380 KB 2/28/2022 2:32 PMNoYes
Elizabeth Whalen is a teacher at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy.  She will serve as the 2023 District Teacher of the Year from June 2022 to July 2023.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/Charles-Ellis-Montessori-Teacher-Elizabeth-Whalen-Named-SCCPSS-2023-Teacher-of-the-Year-at-Annual-Gala.aspxNOYESYES_blank_blank_blankRead More
2023 TOTY FINALISTS MARQUEE.jpg2023 TOTY FINALISTS MARQUEE1087 x 613159 KB 11/19/2021 4:12 PMNoYes
Following a month of observations and interviews, the 2023 Teacher of the Year will be announced at the Annual TOTY Gala on February 11, 2022.
_blankhttps://www.sccpss.com/Pages/Five-Finalists-for-SCCPSS-2023-District-Teacher-of-the-Year-Named-at-Annual-Reception.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2024 ISPY MARQUEE.jpg2024 ISPY MARQUEE1087 x 613150 KB 5/16/2023 2:40 PMNoYes
Moses Alexander McNeil, a Behavior Intervention Specialist was named the ISPY for 2024.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/SCCPSS-Names-2024-Instructional-Support-Person-of-the-Year.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2024 TOTY FINALISTS MARQUEE PIC.jpg2024 TOTY FINALISTS MARQUEE PIC1087 x 613136 KB 10/25/2022 5:22 PMNoYes
The finalists will now move on to observations and interviews to determine who will be named the District's Teacher of the Year.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/Four-Finalists-for-SCCPSS-2024-District-Teacher-of-the-Year-Named-at-Annual-Reception.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2024 TOTY Flag Raising Marquee.jpg2024 TOTY Flag Raising Marquee1087 x 613201 KB 9/27/2022 12:19 PMNoYes
Flag raised in honor of SCCPSS Teacher of the Year Beth Whalen.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/SCCPSS-2023-Teacher-of-the-Year-Honored-with-Flag-Raising-Ceremony.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankRead More
2024 TOTY GALA MARQUEE PIC.jpg2024 TOTY GALA MARQUEE PIC1087 x 613122 KB 3/28/2023 2:32 PMNoYes
Mrs. Dillon will now continue on for consideration in the state-level Teacher of the Year program.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/STEM-Academy-Teacher-Raegan-Dillon-Named-SCCPSS-2024-Teacher-of-the-Year.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
2025 TOTY FINALISTS MARQUEE.jpg2025 TOTY FINALISTS MARQUEE1087 x 613102 KB 10/24/2023 10:18 AMNoYes
The finalists will now undergo classroom observations and interviews before the 2025 District TOTY is named at the Gala in February.
_blankhttps://spwww.sccpss.com/Pages/Five-Finalists-for-SCCPSS-2025-District-Teacher-of-the-Year-Named-at-Annual-Reception.aspxNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
3DE Marquee Image.jpg3DE Marquee Image1087 x 613114 KB 12/19/2018 10:30 AMNoNo
The School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High will be the first  school outside the Atlanta area to partner with Junior Achievement to create a 3DE learning experience for students. 
_selfhttps://youtu.be/wEHtM3-lgpgNOYESYES_parent_blank_blankLearn More
401469073_665780745685428_2579524243426940138_n.jpg401469073_665780745685428_2579524243426940138_n1211 x 635251 KB 11/27/2023 9:20 AMMyers Middle School Recognized by GASSP as a 2023 Breakout SchoolNoYes
The award is designed to identify, recognize, and showcase Georgia middle schools that are high-achieving or dramatically improving student achievement.
_blankhttps://sccpss.com/Pages/Myers-Middle-School-Recognized-by-GASSP-as-a-2023-Breakout-School.aspxNOYESYES_blank_blank_blankRead More
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