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Published on: 8/3/2020
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Garden City Eleemntary is dedicated to ensuring educational excellence for every student. During virtual/remote learning, our hope is that learning will continue​ particulary in the core academic areas. The materials listed on this page are not a replacement for classroom instruction. 


Free Kids Books
​​Into the Book

​Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun
​Sheppard Software
Storyline Online


​​AAA Math
Didax Virtual Manipulatives​

Khan Academy
ST Math
The Math Learning Center​
Time Tables Rock Stars​
Toy Theater​


Discovery Education

Learning Circuits
​National Geographic Kids​
​​Phet Interactive Simulations
​Science Kids


​​Ducksters Education 
Google Earth

PBS Learning Media
Seterra Geography
​​​​Smithsonian's History Explorer​
Social Studies for Kids​Time for Kids


NGAkids Art Zone for iPad​
Scrap Coloring


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​​​Please check back soon!

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