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Reminder of E-Learning Half Day on Friday, September 2nd!

Published on: 8/24/2022

We are off to a great school year and we wanted to make sure our families are aware of some important calendar notes.  This year, SCCPSS will offer two e-Learning days (September 2 and February 17) where students will stay home and learn remotely.  The e-learning day schedules are half-days for students. 

Please remember, students will not report to school on these days and should log-on through the district's learning management system, itsLearning, for additional information and assignments.

Our commitment to ensuring students have access to an online learning platform provides valuable learning experiences that translate to future workplace skills.  Additionally, utilizing planned e-learning days keeps us prepared for any disruptions that may create the need for a virtual shift such as weather disturbances.  Plus, this day will provide valuable planning time for our teachers so we can ensure your child continues to receive the very best educational experience!

For additional information on the September 2, 2022, e-learning day schedule and/or assignments, please check with you child's teacher or school.  Families can always find excellent resources including the academic school year calendar by visiting the Families and Students tab located on the District's website at 


September 2, 2022 – e-Learning Day / Students remain home and learn virtually

September 5, 2022 – Labor Day / Holiday for all

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