Summer Camp - Parents Manual

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Registration for Oatland Island's Summer Camp program will be available

March 1st, 2023

​​​​​​​​​Thank you for choosing Oatland Island for your child's Summer Camp Program!

Please read the following information carefully to ensure everyone has an exciting and successful camp experience.​

Typical Camp Day

All campers will gather in the conference room between 8:30 and 9:00am (earliest drop off is 8:30am). At 9:00am, all campers will divide into their camps and are usually back in their classrooms between 11:00am and 1:00pm to cool down and have lunch.

Please be aware that most camp activities take place outdoors, however, some "cooling off" time is necessary throughout the day. During these times and during lunch breaks, videos or movies may be shown to the class. Our videos include educational documentaries and G-rated movies.

Another outdoor activity is scheduled for the afternoon, followed by a snack. Campers meet in the conference room before Carpool for an animal encounter and camp is dismissed at 3:00pm.

Monday Check-In & Parent Orientation

Every Monday morning begins with check-in shortly after 8:30am. Oatland's gate will open automatically at 8:30am. Please do not follow arriving staff and volunteers through the gate prior to 8:30am. Park in the visitor parking lot and walk your camper up the sidewalk to check in. 

Be prepared to allow up to 30-45 minutes of your time for you to sign in, get your car tag and receive any additional information for parent and camper orientation at 9:00am.

Daily Arrivals

Every morning, our gate will automatically open at 8:30am to allow campers to arrive, wait until the gate opens on its own timer before entering. If you arrive prior to 8:30am, please que up to the right of the main gate as to not block traffic and do not follow staff members or volunteers arriving for work through the gate.  Staff will not be available to supervise any campers arriving before 8:30am. Oatland policy does not allow children under the age of 14 to be on property without adult supervision.

Late Arrivals

At 9:00am, campers divide into their individual camps to begin the day's activities. Many go outside immediately to avoid the midday heat and may venture out on the trails far from their classrooms and the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center

If you are going to arrive late, we must know in advance by a written note, email, or phone call to the camp coordinator. With notification, we will try to have your child's camp near the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center for drop-off.

Without previous notification, you will be responsible for locating the camp on the property and escorting your child where they need to be to join their camp.​

Car Tags

At Monday check-in, you will receive a 'car tag' with your child's name, please do not make one of your own. The uniqueness of  the hand drawn cards prevents them from being duplicated and falling into the wrong hands. You must bring it every afternoon to pick up your child.

This tag serves several purposes, most importantly, your child's safety. The person with this tag is the person that we know​ is allowed to pick up your child. It is also your "ticket" to come through the ticket booth without paying admission. If you need of extra tags for sharing pick up duties, you may request some at the end of orientation on Mondays.

Early Pick-up

If you need to pick-up your child before the 3:00pm pick up time, we must know in advance by a written notice, an email, or a phone call to the cam​p coordinator. With prior notification, we will try to have your child's camp near the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center for pick-up. 

Without previous notification​, you will be responsible for locating the camp on the property and escorting your child back to the classroom in the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center to gather your personal belongings to leave. Note: You will still need your car tag for identification for picking up early.

Carpool & Dismissal

To avoid dangerous foot traffic across the road to and from the parking lot, we strongly encourage you to use our carpool system. Car Tags are needed for child pick-up every day! 

​Please remember that carpool begins at 3:00pm every day and that we are still open to the public for visiting Oatland Island as well. If you arrive prior to the 3:00pm pick-up time, we ask that you please park in the parking lot and then drive completely around the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center and enter the carpool line at 3:00pm as to not block the main entrance ahead of camp pick-up. Please do not park in the visitor lot and walk across the carpool line to pick-up your child.

Check in with the admissions booth (with your car tag visible) then follow the one-way road around the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center and we will have the campers ready at the sidewalk in front of the building. The reflection from the trees makes it difficult for us to see through windshields, so please roll down your windows and hold your car tag out the driver's side so we can call your child's name and have them ready at the flags for when you pull up. If you need to buckle your child into their car seats, we ask that after your child is in the vehicle, that you pull forward into the parking area so we can keep the line moving.

In the event of rain, carpool will shift to the back of the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center. Proceed through the stop sign to the back of the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center in the circle around the palm tree. We ask that you follow the directions given to you on where to pull up to keep the line moving to keep everyone as dry as possible.

Carpool begins at 3:00pm and usually ends around 3:15pm every day. Picking up your child after 3:30pm will result in a $10.00 Extended Care fee.

There is no carpool on Fridays.

Friday Open House

Every Friday at 2:00pm, you will have the option of early dismissal. This is a chance for parents and siblings to see what we did during the week at Oatland Island Summer Camp and walk the trails free of admission. Please park in the visitor parking lot and come inside the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center to your child's classroom. Campers do not have to participate in Open House and may stay until 3:00pm, however there is no carpool on Fridays. Please park in the visitors parking lot and come inside the main building to your child's classroom with your car tag. Extended Care will be provided on Fridays for those campers who are already enrolled. This is also a good time to check Lost and Found for personal items and pick up additional crafts.

Extended Care

Extended Care must be pre-arranged before camp week begins. Campers staying in Extended Care will be in the conference room inside the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center. If you are arriving between 4:00pm - 5:00pm, our main gate will be closed, please press the blue button on the keypad for entry and in a loud clear voice, say "Extended Care" and an attendant will open the gate for you. 

Extended Care parking is in the back of the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center​ in the circle around the palm tree. Unlike carpool, please park your vehicle and bring your car tag inside to pick up your child. 

Extended Care ends at 5:00pm, additional fees may apply for tardiness.

There are no refunds for Extend Care cancellations.


Once your application has been processed, any changes to your camp selections will result in a $35.00 processing fee. If you must cancel a camp session, you must do so with at least two weeks​ notice, however a $35.00 processing fee will still be applied. If you cancel less than two weeks prior to attending camp you are not entitled to a refund. 

No Pets

Oatland Island Wildlife Center has a strict policy against pets on the property - this is for the safety of your pets and our animal collection. The No Pets policy includes drop-off and pick-up! If you must have a pet with you, it must be contained in a kennel inside your vehicle. Please see our FAQ's page for more information regarding our policies. If a pet is left unattended in a vehicle, authorities will be notified.

Gopher Tortoises & Box Turtles

We are fortunate to have several of Georgia's state reptile, the gopher tortoise, as well as many box turtles​ living in burrows on our lawns. These animals are a threatened species and are therefore protected. PLEASE use caution while driving! Gopher tortoises and box turtles are very active during the summer months and cross our roads and parking lot often. They move slowly, so be aware and avoid harming these wonderful animals.

Confirmation Letter
Save a copy of your confirmation letter to keep for TAX purposes next year!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Oatland Island Summer Camp Coordinator by email or at (912) 395-1513.
Download a copy of our Parents Manual here.

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