Nature PreK Car Rider Procedures

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​​​​​Car Rider Information

Please follow the posted speed limit of 15 mph. Oatland staff and afternoon visitor​s are often on the road and the car rider area and this is for their safety and yours. Also, keep an eye out for animals crossing the road as you drive on and off Oatland property, they always have the right of way. 

Daily and Late Arrivals

Every morning, the gate will automatically open at 8:30am to allow parents to arrive, wait until the gate opens on its own timer before entering. If you arrive prior to 8:30am, please que up to the right of the main gate as to not block traffic and do not follow staff members or volunteers arriving for work through the gate. Staff will not be available to supervise any students arriving before 8:30am. The gate will automatically close at 9:00am, if you arrive after this time, please press the blue button on the call box and let them know that you have a PreK student.  You will be responsible for walking your child to the classroom if you arrive after 9:00am.

School Breakfast

If your child wants school breakfast, they need to arrive prior to 8:45am.

Car Tags

You will receive two (2) 'car tags' with your child's name. You must have it every afternoon to pick up your child. If you need more than the two (2) provided, please contact Mrs​. Lincoln here or at (912) 395-1508.

This tag serves several purposes, most importantly, your child's safety. The person with this tag is the person that we know​ is allowed to pick up your child. It is also your "ticket" to come through the ticket booth without paying admission. 

Early Pick-up

If you need to pick-up your child before the 3:20pm pick up time, we must know in advance by a written notice, an email or a phone call to your child's teacher. With prior notification, we will have your child prepared and ready for pick-up. 

Without previous notification​, you will be responsible for locating the class on the property and escorting your child back to the classroom to gather their personal belongings in order to leave. Note: You will still need your car tag for identification for picking up early.


Student pick-up begins at 3:20 p.m. and ends around 3:45pm everyday.​ Check in with the admissions booth (with your car tag visible) then proceed through the stop sign to the back of the Tony Cope Education and Visitors Center​ in the circle around the palm tree. No student will be able to leave with anyone who does not have an approved car tag. ​

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