3rd Grade Programs

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​​​​Hooray for Georgia Habitats: Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi and is home to a remarkably diverse collection of plants and animals. A variety of Georgia’s habitats will be explored at Oatland (salt marsh, forest, and freshwater) and students will discover what organisms live in these habitats and elsewhere in the state and what features they have that allow them to live and thrive in different regions. 

Program Length: 2 hours 

Home Fires Burning: Travel back in time to 

Oatland’s Heritage Home sites​ (two log cabins from the 1800’s) area where students will learn about different types of heat energy and how it was used during the time period in rural Georgia. Students may participate in the following activities: Candle making, hearth cooking, traditional tools, wool carding, and traditional music.

Note: This program is only offered in the month of February.

Program Length: 2.5 hours 

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Life before lightbulbs: Students will step back in time and take part in activities that illustrate what life was like for people during the construction and occupation of Fort Pulaski. Students will discover how energy, heat and simple tools played an important role in the 1800’s and in the lives of the soldiers during the time period. 

Note: This program meets at Fort Pulaski and is only offered in the month of January.

Program Length:  2.5 hours 

Duckweed & Dragonflies: Freshwater 

ponds are an important resource for all organisms, including people. Students will learn about the role ponds play in the water cycle, how they are formed, and the diversity of organisms that depend on ponds for life. Students will observe and collect organisms and show how individual traits help the organisms survive. Students also learn how humans impact water resources and how humans can protect pond habitats.

Program Length: 2 hours 

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Let’s Rock in Georgia: What is a rock? What is a mineral? Do you know the difference? How hard is the mineral? Why does it smell? Students will discover the answers to these questions and more. 

Note: This program comes to your location. 

Program Length: 1 hour

Weather, Erosion & Deposition: Students will explore Oatland’s trails and habitats and learn how natural forces and living organisms play a part in the weathering of sediments along our coastal plain.  

Program Length: 2 ​ hours ​

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