Savannah by the Numbers (2nd ,5th, and 7th Grades)

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​​​​​​​​Walking Program, 2 Hours     

This interdisciplinary program combines social studies with mathematics. Participants engage in problem-solving to discover Savannah's unique city plan, the city's history, and its beautiful architecture.   

Georgia Standards:

2nd Grade - 2.NR.1.2. 2.NR.2.1,2.NR.2.3, 2.NR.3.2,2, GSR.7.1,GSR.7.12, 2.MDR.5.4

5th Grade -​ 5.NR.2.1,5.NR.5.1

7th  Grade – 7.NR.1.2, 7.NR.1.5, 7.NR.1.6, 7.NR.1.7, 7.NR.I.9, 7.NR.1.10, 7.NR.I.11, 7.PAR.2.I, 7.PAR.2.2​,                          7.PAR.3.1

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