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Images of events and people who attended, visited, and/or taught at Massie School. Dates extend from from the early 1900s thorugh approximately the 1950s and early 1960s.

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Heritage Education Programs

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History is Monumental (8th Grade, High School)

This program begins at Massie, where participants view the only three-dimensional model of the historic district. Then, begin a walking tour of Savannah's famous historical monuments.

The Debatable Land (8th Grade)

This program focuses on the colonial contest among the English, Spanish, and French for the conquest of the Southeast, its resources, and its American Indian populations. ​

A River Runs Through It (8th Grade)

This tour begins at Massie to introduce the Savannah River and its importance to the city. Then, depart for the riverfront via bus for a walking tour along the Savannah Riverfront

Digging History (8th Grade)

Learn about the pre-historic and coastal people who lived in this region. Engage in an archaeological simulation to examine cultural artifacts.

Civil War in Savannah (4th, 8th Grades, High School)

Begin at Massie, a Union hospital site from December 1864 to January 1865. Next, enjoy a walking tour utilizing the city's monuments and historic sites and examining the Civil War's effects in Savannah and the last days of the war.

Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs (5th, 8th Grades, High School)

Discover Savannah's Civil Rights history during a building and walking tour ending in Green Square at Second African Baptist Church.

Exhibit: The Heritage Classroom (All Levels)

Step back in time to an authentic nineteenth-century classroom. Engage in authentic grade-level appropriate reading, writing, arithmetic, and geography lessons and practice penmanship with quill pens. ​

History Lives in Savannah's Cemeteries (4th, 8th Grades, High School)

History comes to life in Savannah's historic cemeteries, the resting places of many notable historical figures.

American Indian Cultures (3rd Grade)

Explore Massie's newest exhibit, American Indians of Coastal Georgia, and examine artifacts, including; pottery, Clovis points, stone tools, and game pieces.

Savannah's Liberty Tree (4th, 8th Grades, High School)

Meet at Massie then travel together on the bus to the Springhill Redoubt, a battlefield from the Revolutionary War.

Savannah by the Numbers (2nd ,5th, and 7th Grades)

Engage in mathematical challenges to discover Savannah's unique city plan, rich history, and beautiful architecture.

Mound Builders and Fishermen (2nd Grade)

Massie's American Indian exhibit is the focal point of this program. Participants will learn about Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove (Coosaponakeesa), and James Oglethorpe, as they explore the lifestyles of the American Indians of Georgia.

Thomas Jefferson (1st Grade)

Discover the life of Thomas Jefferson, including his childhood, positive character traits, and his many contributions as a politician, architect, inventor, and writer of the Declaration of Independence.

Recess at Massie (Pre-K, Kindergarten)

Play schoolyard games and enjoy recess activities from the nineteenth century. Explore the "suitable yards" where Massie students had recess, now known as the "Historic Girls" and "Historic Boys" Courtyard.

Girl Scout Trooptivities

Explore Daisy's neighborhood while earning a unique Girl Scout patch

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