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Published on: 10/5/2020



Exception for certain events for the Massie Heritage Center and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center

The Superintendent or his/her designee shall have the authority to approve or deny requests for Exception to Policy associated with non-school related events held at the Massie Heritage Center and/or the Oatland Island Wildlife Center where beer and wine are to be served. The Superintendent, in his or her sole discretion, may deny any request.

The General Assembly has provided (§ 3-3-21.1) that with a few exceptions, “no person shall possess any alcoholic beverages upon the grounds or within any structure of a public elementary school; public high school; or public trade, vocational, or industrial school." The Massie Center and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center are not currently operated as a school and as a result would be subject to applicable policy exception upon final authority of the Superintendent.

Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis and shall be made for each recurring instance (GAMA-R 1). Each event shall be reviewed and is subject to approval based on the following conditions:

 No person shall sell or offer to sell any distilled spirits within 200 yards of any school building, educational building, school grounds, or college campus; or any wine or malt beverages within 100 yards of any school building, school grounds, or college campus. (§ 3-3-21)

 No students or anyone under the age of 21 will be present at the event

 Only beer and wine will be served (no mixed drinks/distilled spirits)

 Event requestors will be responsible for all aspects of their event, to include obtaining any required city/state licenses or permits, set up, tear down, serving, handling, and transport of any alcoholic beverages

 Event requestors will indemnify the district for any claims which may arise associated with their event

 An SCCPSS Campus Police Officer will be utilized for security purposes at the expense of the event organizer


I, _______ _____________ (Print name of requestor) do hereby agree to the conditions listed above for the event described below requested to take place at __________ ___on the following date ______________ and time ____________.

_________________________ ________________________________

Signature of Requestor Signature Facility Director (Oatland or Massie Center)





Superintendent's Review: Approved Denied

Superintendent's Signature: _________________________ Date: ___________


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