8th Grade Formal Dance Friday May 12th

Published on: 5/2/2023


Hubert Middle School 8th Grade Formal Dance Reminders (Ticket: $20)

(No OSS for the month of April or May, must be passing all classes) 

  • Spaghetti straps will not be allowed without a jacket. ∙

  • Dresses are to be no more than 3 inches above the knee (front and back) or 3 inches below the fingertips. This also applies to splits in dresses. 

  • Dress must also be at the appropriate length even if leggings are worn underneath the dress. ∙ Dress may not be extremely low-cut in the front or back. 

  • The front of the dress must not fall below the top of the bra line; the back of the dress must not fall below the bottom of the bra line. 

  • The back of your dress must not be open past your back; your sides must be covered.

  •  No dresses are allowed that are open or sheer on the front or sides of the dress, unless the openness is covered by solid material. ∙ 

  • Dresses may not be skin tight. Be aware of the material that gathers and rises when you walk. ∙ If the dress/skirt has sheer material over the lining of the dress, then the lining of the dress must be no more than 3 inches above the knee (front and back). The sheer material is not what will be measured. 

The following will NOT be permitted: ∙ 

  • Two-piece formal gowns

  • Pants and top where the midriff is showing

  • Dresses with revealing cut-outs 

  • See-through gowns (this includes sheer/mesh overlays that do not have material underneath). If the see-through gowns need to be lined with backing so they are no longer see-through.  

  • Shorts 

  • Torn clothing 


A suit or sportcoat is allowed, but not required, however, jeans and shorts are not allowed. Attire such as slacks, nice shoes, and a nice shirt are recommended. Torn clothing will not be permitted. 

All students: 

If the attire is questionable, students are encouraged to show their evening wear to administrators beforehand to determine if it is dance appropriate. 

Students who are non-compliant with the dress code will not be admitted to the dance or will be escorted out of the dance. 

No refunds will be given for dance dress code infractions in which these students are asked to leave. If at any time during the dance you become out of dress code, you will be removed from the dance without refund. 

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