Car Rider Information

Published on: 8/3/2021


 CAR TAG REQUEST forms will be available at Open House.
Electronic forms are available here.

Please help us expedite the pick-up time and keep our students safe! ☺

*** All out of state/county tags will be verified (attendance zone & license plates should match within 30 days)!

1. Hang Your Car Tag: Put car tag on an infant pant hanger and hang on your rear-view mirror (tag good all year). Take tag down when your child is loaded. Be sure to slow down by tag readers as you enter parking lot.

***If you don’t have your car tag, please have your ID ready. We only release students that are listed on emergency contact list with the school and will need to do an ID check. Get a NEW tag if lost or changes made.

2. Stay in Assigned Lane: Switching lanes disrupts the sequence of our groupings. We load 10 cars for efficiency.

3. Stay in Car: For safety purposes, ALWAYS remain in car (even if asked to pull up & over). We can’t load students to parents out of
their car (walk ups). If there’s an emergency, please park and go into the office before 2:30.

4. Stay Alert: Put away distractions by 2:55 (phones/IPads, books, sunshades, etc.). Set an alarm if you are early & nap.

5. Pull up to Traffic Director & Park: The white cross walk/blue cone is the designated “pull up” stopping point, unless it is raining
(raining line stops at last column where roof ends). Car remains IN PARK until all are loaded.

***Pull up/over and follow Traffic Director’s instructions even if you see your child (we will bring them to you).

6. Teachers Load All Children: Teachers load children (even middle school student) for safety purposes.

***Children are to remain in the grassy area behind rope line (or under the roof when raining) while cars are moving. When cars stop, students should go to the cone CLOSEST to their car and raise their hand to be loaded.

*** When students are on the grass, it is time to get into a car. Please remind them to ACTIVELY look for you.

7. Exit in Assigned Lane: The outside (left) lane, closest to the parking lot, will exit 1st after loading. The inside (right) lane, closest to the school, will exit 2nd. This keeps our groupings in sequence.

8. Remain on the Pavement: Only pull over when directed. Please don’t pull through grass to exit the rider line.

9. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL & PATIENT: Teachers work diligently in heat, cold, & rain with safety as the top priority. Respect is
required. Cars can be dangerous weapons. Ramp rage will be reported/prosecuted through the police.

Thank you for your partnership in GSS’s car rider dismissal SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)! ☺


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