Frequently Asked Questions

Published on: 6/22/2020

​​​​​​​​​​The Savannah-Chatham E-Learning Academy is an online, tuition free school of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.  SCELA is a competency-based program in which students can demonstrate mastery of the content as they become proficient.  SCELA is designed to provide students and families with flexibility and choice regarding their learning experiences.  

How do I start the enrollment process?  

Can I register my child that is new to SCCPSS online?  

  • Yes, you can begin registration online for your student that is new to the district; however, you will need to provide specific documents in person to complete the registration process.  Please use the following link to begin the process:  Application for Students New to SCCPSS

Can I enroll if I do not live in Chatham County?  

  • Yes, you may enroll if you reside outside of Chatham County; however, students that reside in Chatham County have preference.  Also, out-of-county tuition rates do apply. 
Are Pre-K - 2 grades students allowed to enroll in SCELA?

  • SCELA is open to only grades 3 - 12.  Pre-K - 2nd grades students will enroll in a Virtual Program at their assigned school.

Are athletics available?  

  • ​E-sports are available for students in grades 6 – 12.  E-sports describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming.    Students in grades 9 – 12 will be eligible to participate in Georgia High School Association District Teams for Golf, Swimming, and Tennis.

Can I use my own technology?  

  • ​Technology is available for every student upon enrollment; however, students can use their own technology.  Students must be able to login into the SCCPSS district platform to access classes and assignments.  Internet connectivity is the responsibility of the parent.

How long are the semesters? 

  • ​Semesters are 18 weeks long.

If my child is presently registered/enrolled in their zoned school OR in a Choice Program/School for the 2020-2021 school year and enrolls in SCELA, and discovers that SCELA is not a good fit, can he/she re-enroll in their previous school?

  • Students will be allowed to return to their zoned or Choice School/Program during the first ten days of enrollment into SCELA.  However, if the child remains enrolled in SCELA after the 10-day trial period (two weeks), the child must remain enrolled in SCELA until the end of the semester and then will be allowed to enroll in their Zoned school.  
If the 10-day Trial Period expires will my child be allowed to return to their Choice School/Program?

  • No, on day 11 of enrollment, the vacant seat will be offered to the next child on the waitlist of that Choice School/Program.  The child is allowed to reapply for the Choice School/Program the next school year, during the application process.

If my child is presently on a waitlist for a Choice Program/School, will their waitlist status be affected if he/she is enrolled in SCELA?

  • No, SCELA is not a choice school or program.  If a seat at the Choice School/Program becomes available and the parent wants to enroll the child, that is permissible.

When can my child apply or reapply for a Choice School/Program?

  • The Choice process begins in January of each school year and parents can apply then.

Are gifted services available?  

  • Yes, services for advanced learning/gifted are available.

How are courses chosen for my student(s) once we are enrolled?  

  • ​SCLEA Academic team will use current students' academic records to place students in courses that are appropriately aligned for their grade level.

Are students allowed to self-enroll if they are 18 years old, or older, or an emancipated minor?  

  • ​​Students who are 18 or older must be cleared through the Office of Student Services to enroll in school. Students must also submit academic documentation of all courses attempted since entering the 9th grade. Academic documentation will be reviewed by a school counselor to determine the student's ability to complete the program requirements before aging out.   Students who cannot complete the program requirements before aging out are not eligible to enroll.  Both emancipated minors and students 18 years and older are required to complete the Parent/Legal Guardian (Caretaker) Acknowledgement form and provide all required enrollment documentation before the student can enroll. Emancipated minors must also submit court documentation.

What do you mean by the term "Responsible Adult"?  

  • ​The term "Responsible Adult" is used to represent the role that the enrolling parent/guardian plays in the student's educational experience. The enrolling parent/guardian chooses to serve as the "Responsible Adult" which may include working closely with the teacher to ensure assignments are completed, schedules are met, and students are engaged and motivated. The parent/guardian may designate another trusted adult to act as a Responsible Adult by completing the responsible adult form in the student/parent handbook.

If I enroll my student in SCELA will my student be able to log in at any time to do schoolwork or only during normal school hours?  

  • ​Students will have access to the E-Learning Platform at any time of the day including weekends and holidays. This level of flexibility will allow students to design a learning day that works best for your family.  Keep in mind that students are required to meet the login and participation requirements

Why is academic documentation requested for my student?  

  • ​During the enrollment process, submission of academic documentation such as a report card, official and/or unofficial transcripts, schedules, or current progress report, helps to ensure that student who are not currently enrolled in SCCPSS receive an accurate and personalized course placement to start with SCELA.

Why does a SCELA school need documents such as the immunization record to process my student? (Non-SCCPSS students only).  

  • ​SCELA will operate like any other district school. Therefore, our schools must comply with the same district and state regulations. Specific documents are required for all enrolling students.

How long will it take to complete the enrollment process?  

  • ​Once all documents are complete and submitted online, they are verified, and your student is enrolled. Our process is streamlined to minimize any inconvenience to you while still meeting state regulations.

How should I verify that the documents I sent arrived (Non-SCCPSS students)?  

  • ​After submitting your documents, you will receive an email providing additional information. This will also serve as your confirmation.

Are students allowed to transfer out of SCELA?

  • ​Yes, students are allowed to transfer back to their zoned school at the beginning of each semester.

How can I change my address and other contact information?  

  • ​You can change your information by contacting the school counselor or information specialist.

Can my child participate in student organizations like Career Tech Student Organizations (i.e. FBLA, DECA, HOSA, TSA, Skills USA)?  

  • ​Yes, if the related pathway is offered at the school.
Will my child have access to services such as Specialized Instruction?

  • ​Yes, students with disabilities will be provided with a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment as determined by the IEP. Assignments and materials should be distributed in a manner to allow students with disabilities equal access to the materials and content that is provided to their non-disabled peers. Individual student needs should be addressed based on the IEP.​   In addition, accomodations outlined in a student's 504 Plan will be provided as appropriate in the virtual learning environment as well.

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