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SCCPSS Announces COVID Testing Initiative

Published on: 9/27/2021

​​​​​​In an effort to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 among our students and staff, SCCPSS has adopted a COVID-19 Testing Strategy in collaboration with COVID Testing Appointments, LLC.  This service will provide fast, reliable COVID test results that will allow SCCPSS to maintain school operations while minimizing disruptions. 

“We are proud to partner with Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools to ensure that we can keep our children safe.  We want students to have early alerts of any COVID that might prevent them from enjoying their high school experience safely," said Josh Mallard, Managing Partner at COVID Testing Appointments, LLC. Mallard, a Savannah native, is a veteran of the medical supply industry and has set up locations for Covid testing nationwide.   “It's especially gratifying to us to be working in our hometown," Mallard continued. ​​​

There is no cost to students or SCCPSS staff for this service.  While the registration does request insurance information, individuals will not be billed or have any patient responsibility, as mandated by current law.  If the individual is not insured, the test cost will be reimbursed through federal CARES funding.  Read more about the request for insurance information here.   All patient data is securely stored and encrypted.  

The laboratory used is Vero Diagnostics.  Vero Diagnostics is a state-of-the-art clinical laboratory that incorporates the latest technology and methods to provide comprehensive diagnostic testing.  Vero Diagnostics has pioneered technology that allows the analysis of specimens in half the time of standard laboratories without sacrificing the clinical compliance of science or the quality of service to the patient. Advanced automation, in conjunction with a sophisticated laboratory information management system, gives a “one-touch" methodology, allowing Vero Diagnostics to perform testing using lower sample volumes which minimizes the possibility of sample error.

COVID testing will be mandatory for students participating in athletics, cheerleading, band and other identified extra-curricular activities.  Registration will be required before testing can be offered.  “The success of this mitigation strategy, and the District's ability to keep students in school, is based on high levels of participation.  We appreciate your support in helping us meet that goal," said Dr. Ann Levett, Superintendent of schools. 

Testing will occur on designated days at school.  Students will not be required to travel for testing.  Our testing partners at COVID Testing Appointments, LLC can collect COVID tests quickly and efficiently and results are typically returned within 24 hours.  We will conduct the weekly testing in a manner that is least disruptive and does not hinder your child's schedule in after school activities.

This strategy will help identify positive cases, especially those that may be asymptomatic, and limit the exposure carriers have in the school setting.  This approach will have an impact on COVID positivity levels and will help us continue in-person school activities, even if community data rises or surges.

On the registration link, required information is identified by an asterisk.  Students must be registered by Monday, October 13, 2021.   COVID Testing is a requirement for participation in athletics, cheerleading, band and other identified extra-curricular activities.

 REGISTRATION: Make sure to include your school location code when you click the link: COVID TESTING REGISTRATION

Find the School Location Code HERE​

Have questions?   Check the FAQs HERE.

Read Letter from Vero Diagnostics regarding insurance HERE​

Vero Lab_Letter Clarifying Insurance Billing10072021.pdf

For additional information, please call (912) 401-4633.  

Covid Testing Appointments, LLC offers the following testing sites in Chatham County:

Savannah RX               1000A Eisenhower Dr.       
Ortho Pooler                 421 Pooler Parkway
Memorial Stadium       101 John J. Scott Drive


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