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If You Need a COVID-19 Test

Published on: 9/1/2021

​​​​​SCCPSS recognizes that during these challenging times, obtaining a test for COVID-19 might be the difference between returning to school and work or not.  SCCPSS is  providing this list as a resource for our families.   This list is not comprehensive and has been compiled based on available public information.  REMEMBER! Hours of availability vary by testing location.  Locations that are open evenings and weekends have been identified by an asterisk (see below).  It is recommended that you call ahead to confirm availability. 

Never use an Emergency room for COVID testing and mild or no symptoms.  If you are experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms, please seek medical attention to include an ER visit if needed. 

Students/staff may return to school without testing if they quarantine for ten full days and remain asymptomatic.

•Some facilities do not accept insurance.
•Some facilities will bill your insurance for the PCR (2-5 day) test.
•Some facilities charge between $75 and $200 for a rapid test.


This does not constitute an endorsement of any health care provider or service.  



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