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 Salary Scales & Work Schedules

​​The yearly salary is based, not on twelve months, but on 190 work days. If you are

employed after the first of the year, your salary will be different from the amount listed  on the Teacher Salary Scale. 

To compute your monthly gross income, figure the following: 

  1. Take the yearly rate from the salary schedule and divide by 190 days. This will give you your daily rate.

  2. Add the number of days left in the school year that you will work. Multiply the number of days you will work by the daily rate. This will give you your fiscal yearly rate.

  3. Divide the fiscal yearly rate by the number of pay periods left in the year. This will give you your gross monthly salary.​
FY 2018 Work Day & Pay Scale

FY 2018

» 2017-18 Work Day Calendar (PDF)
» ​FY 18 Administrator Scale (PDF)​​​​
» ​FY 18 Asst. Principal Scale​ (PDF)​​
» ​FY 18 Classified Hourly Scale​ (PDF)​​
» ​FY 18 Nutrition Mgr. Scale​ (PDF)​​​
» ​FY 18 Principal Scale​ (PDF)​​
» ​FY 18 Teacher Salary Scale​ (PDF)​​​

FY 2019 Work Day & Pay Scale

 FY 2019

» 2018-19 Work Day Calendar (PDF)
» ​FY 19 Administrator Scale (PDF)​​
» ​FY 19 Classified Hourly Scale​ (PDF)​​
» ​FY 19 Nutrition Mgr. Scale​ (PDF)​​​​
» ​FY 19 Principal Scale​ (PDF)​​
» ​FY 19 Teacher/AP Salary Scale​ (PDF)​​​

FY 2020 Work Day & Pay Scale

 FY 2020

» 2019-20 Work Day Calendar (PDF)
(Pending Board Approval of
SY 19-20 Budget: 7/10/2019​)


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