Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 The Purchasing Process

​The Purchasing Department facilitates the purchasing process between SCCPSS schools/departments and vendors according to all applicable laws, policies and regulations.  The purchasing cycle begins when a school or department (end‐user) presents a purchasing need to the Purchasing Department.  As the subject matter expert, the end‐user is responsible for writing the specifications which detail the need or desire.  Jointly, the end‐user and purchasing representative work to finalize the Invitation for Bid/Request for Quote/Request for Proposal document for solicitation.  Responses are evaluated against specifications by both the end‐user and purchasing staff.  The Purchasing Department will issue an award letter and contract to the awarded vendor(s).  

What We Purchase

SCCPSS has the need for an extensive variety of commodity goods, finished products and services to support the educational process for the District.  This range of needs includes, but is not limited to:  office supplies, school buses, paper products, food items, pest control, technology items, sports equipment, band instruments, outsourced services, custodial supplies and much more. 

How We Purchase

SCCPSS schools and departments make most purchases using one of two methods: (1)  purchase orders, or (2) procurement cards.  Each school/department enters its own request for purchase into the SCCPSS online financial system.  After proceeding through the internal approval process, the purchase order is then sent to the vendor.  School sites and administrative departments within SCCPSS may obtain a procurement card, at the discretion of the site administrator, to make low dollar transactions for goods and services.  The cards are restricted by dollar limits and by Merchant Category Classifications (MCC) codes.  The MCC code assigned to a business is controlled by the VISA authorities, which assign the codes by business type.  Our cards restrict purchases to those MCC codes that offer goods and services most likely to be used by a K‐12 school system.

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