Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

State law (O.C.G.A. 50-6-6) requires the District to submit an annual report of the financial records and transactions audited by the Department of Audits and Accounts or by independent certified public accountants. The following document is submitted in fulfillment of this requirement.

The ACFR is presented in Adobe PDF format online. You can request to view a copy in the Communications Office at 208 Bull Street by contacting (912) 395-5538, or you can request a copy to be printed by contacting the Legal Office at (912) 395-1292 (appropriate fees apply).
2022 ACFR.pdf
3642 KB
2021 ACFR.pdf
2523 KB
2020 CAFR.pdf
1527 KB
2019 CAFR.pdf
1600 KB
2018 CAFR.pdf
3559 KB
2017 CAFR.pdf
1755 KB
2016 CAFR.pdf
2179 KB
2015 CAFR.pdf
822 KB
2014 CAFR.pdf
1661 KB
2013 CAFR.pdf
1106 KB
2012 CAFR.pdf
4947 KB
2011 CAFR.pdf
2461 KB
2010 CAFR.pdf
2863 KB
2009 CAFR.pdf
2191 KB
2008 CAFR.pdf
2546 KB
2007 CAFR.pdf
4367 KB
2006 CAFR.pdf
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2005 CAFR.pdf
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