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 Frequently Asked Questions about Records

How may I obtain a copy of my transcript/school records?

A written request for all records is required.  Information to include: your name as it appeared on the school record, date of birth, last school attended, and the year of graduation or withdrawal. Your photo ID (government issued) and signature is required. Include the name and address of the business, agency, or institution to where the transcript is to be released. In the event we need to contact you by telephone, please provide a contact telephone number or email address.

Is there a fee for a transcript? 

The transcript fee is $3.00. 

May I pay with a personal check, check/debit card, or by telephone? 

Cash or money order is the acceptable form of payment (money orders should be made payable to Records Management). Requests made by telephone are not accepted. 

Is there a fee for other student records? 

For documents other than a transcript, there is a charge of .10¢ per page for copies requested. 

I need a copy of my diploma. Is there a fee? 

Copies of original diplomas are not available; however, you may request a duplicate or back dated diploma. The cost for the document is $35.00. We must order the diploma; therefore, you can expect to receive the document within 8 - 10 weeks. 

How do I obtain a copy of my GED test results? 

GED transcripts, or GED diplomas may be obtained from the Technical College System of Georgia – Office of Adult Education. The office can be contacted at 404-679-1645 or obtain further information at 


How long will it take to process my transcript? 

Requests are processed within 4 – 5 business days upon receipt of the request. 

May I request a copy of my transcript via email? 

No. However, you may print a request form for transcripts, student records, or duplicate diplomas, from our website. Mail the completed form to Records Management, 2 Laura Avenue, Savannah, 31404. 

Is a copy of my immunization records in my school records? 

It is possible the immunization certificate is included. You may also obtain immunization information through the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services. (GRITS) The telephone number for this agency is (404) 463-0810. 

Is a copy of my birth certificate in my school records? 

It is possible that a copy of your birth certificate is included. The fee for the document is .10 per page. The Department of Vital Records in the county where you were born will have your certificate if not filed with your student records. 

Do you have my school records from a private school I attended in Savannah? 

We only maintain records for Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools ​

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