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​​Division of Campus Police
(912) 395-5535 - Police Administrative Office
(912) 395-5536 - 24 Hour Emergency Access

The Board of Education Police Department (BOEPD) was established in 1985 to provide safety and security for the district’s schools, students and employees. Our jurisdiction covers over 360 square miles, 62 schools and administrative buildings, approximately 38,000 students and 5,600 employees. The department is a state-certified agency and is recognized as one of the top law enforcement agencies in the State of Georgia. The attainment of state certification places the BOE Police Department among the best 180 agencies to meet the law enforcement standards that exhibits the highest regard for community, professionalism and officer safety.

Organizational Structure: The four major divisions of the Board of Education Police Department are: 

  1. Field Operations - School Resource Officers, Patrol Officers, Building Security (208 Bull Street and Whitney Complex), K-9 and Safe Schools, School Crossing Guards, Crime Prevention, Special Events

  2. Special Services - Criminal Investigations, Professional Standards (Internal Affairs, Training and Recruiting), State Certification, , Police Budget and Payroll, Drug Enforcement Officer, Savannah-Chatham Counter Narcotics Team (CNT) Officer 

  3. Administrative Support - Emergency Comm​unications Center, Police Budget and Payroll, Work Flows /After School Events, Quartermaster and Inventory, Personnel Records, NCIC/GCIC Criminal History & Fingerprints

  4. Police Records & Intelligence Unit (PRIU): PRIU is a records, information and crime analysis unit and a public service area which manages all stored police records and reports and develop department training modules necessary to maintain police data integrity. The PRIU controls the distribution of certain reports to the public and to various law enforcem​ent agencies, such as the FBI, State agencies and the U.S. State /Defense Departments. The PRIU maintains files pertaining to arrests, incidents, and accident reports.

Chief Terry Enoch

Terry L. Enoch

Chief of Campus Police 
101 Priscilla Thomas Way 
Savannah, GA 31408 
(912) 395-5535​​​

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