Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 Board Briefs

Highlights from the December 11, 2019 Board Meeting

SCCPSS is a Leading Edge Award Winner!

Highlights from the November 6, 2019 Board Meeting

SCCPSS Outperforms the State Average for Five Years in a Row!

Highlights from the October 2, 2019 Board Meeting

Contract Approved for Design of New K-12 Multi-School Project!

Highlights from the September 18, 2019 Board Meeting

SCCPSS Graduation Rate Outperforms the State Average Five Years in a Row!

Highlights from the August 14, 2019 Board Meeting

Three Schools named National PTA Schools of Excellence!

Highlights from the July 10, 2019 Board Meeting

Early Learning Center at Henderson E. Formey, Jr. School Ready to Open!

Highlights from the June 5, 2019 Board Meeting

The tentative budget under consideration reflects no millage increase for a total combined millage of 18.881 mills!

Highlights from the May 8, 2019 Board Meeting

The Board of Education proclaimed May 6 through May 10, 2019, as National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Highlights from the April 10, 2019 Board Meeting

Brock Elementary achieved the highest growth gain of all schools in grades 3-5 across the District!

Highlights from the March 6, 2019 Board Meeting

East Broad Street School Renamed to the Henderson E. Formey, Jr., School!

Highlights from the February 6, 2019 Board Meeting

The Board approved the recommended calendar for the 2019-20 SY. The first day of school will be Monday, August 5, 2019.

Highlights from the January 9, 2019 Board Meeting

Division of Academic Affairs presented an update on the East Broad Early Learning Center that was presented in May 2018. The East Broad Early Learning Center is just one piece of the District’s planned East Side Renaissance.

Highlights from the December 12, 2018 Board Meeting

At the Informal Meeting of the Board, The SCCPSS Division of Academic Affairs presented a report on the District’s latest SAT and ACT scores.

Highlights from the November 7, 2018 Board Meeting

The Board was presented a revised policy including new language to define unstructured breaks, establish a recommended length of time for recess, further define reasons for withholding unstructured breaks, and establish certain communication protocols.

Highlights from the October 3, 2018 Board Meeting

The Board approved the use of Statewide Contract 999999-SPD-G20160601 for the purchase of 45 buses at a total cost of $4,342,060.00. Funding for this purchase shall include $3,342,060 from the Transportation Department’s General Fund

Highlights from the August 8, 2018 Board Meeting

At the informal meeting of the Board, Chief Terry Enoch of Campus Police provided the Board with information on Safety and Security updates made or currently underway at district facilities this school year.

Highlights from the July 11, 2018 School Board Meeting

The Board took action at the July 11th Board meeting to move several ESPLOST projects forward.

Highlights from the May 9, 2018 School Board Meeting

Chief Financial Officer Larry Jackson presented an update on the Budget Process and information about a change in the way Community Based Programs can seek funding from the Distrtict.

Highlights from the April 11, 2018 School Board Meeting

​260 Day Employees Work Calendar Change! Twelve Month Employees will now be on a 250 Day Work Calendar.

Highlights from the March 7, 2018 School Board Meeting

BOE Police Chief Terry Enoch provided the Board with a review of security efforts throughout our schools and other facilities.

Highlights from the February 7, 2018 School Board Meeting

Board members were presented with a report on the district’s graduation rate from SY 2016-17 which was filled with good news.

Highlights from the January 17, 2018 School Board Meeting

As a result of dangerous weather conditions associated with Winter Storm Grayson, students of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System missed three instructional days during the start of the second semester

Highlights from the December 6, 2017 School Board Meeting

Principal Andrea B. Williams passed away unexpectedly on November 8, 2017. As a 34 year employee of Savannah-Chatham Public Schools, she provided an immeasurable contribution to the growth of our school district.

Highlights from the November 1, 2017 School Board Meeting

Board members received an update on the DAS Goal 1, Objective C which seeks to increase the number of students meeting high school graduation requirements necessary to be successful when entering post-secondary education and/or the workforce

Highlights from the October 4, 2017 School Board Meeting

GaDOAE has released SY 2016-17 graduation rates for the state of Georgia. SCCPSS improved its cohort graduation rate by more than one point over last year – rising from 83.2% to 84.3% and established a new record high for the district.

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