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Highlights from the February 3, 2021 Board Meeting

Published on: 2/3/2021

Resolution of Support for Second Semester Operations
At the Formal Meeting, the Board approved a resolution regarding support for changes to Second Semester Operations.  Those changes include the District implementing the 3-Day/2-Day Rotation with Learning Partner in-person learning model approved during the November 13, 2020, Board meeting and further presented during the January 21, 2021, Board Meeting for all Pre-K – 12 families as soon as practicable on a timeline that is operationally feasible, and that the District will provide notice of the date that such return to in-person learning will occur as soon as practicable. Each school will be afforded the flexibility to increase in-person learning days, as operationally feasible and coordinated through the District. Least Independent Learners, as identified by district staff, shall be offered a return to in-person learning five days per week, at a date that is operationally feasible as determined by the Superintendent or consistent with their current learning plans. Virtual learning would remain an option for all families through the end of the school year.

In addition, the District will begin planning for a return to in-person learning five days per week in the Spring Semester of the 2020-2021 school year if and when COVID-19 vaccines are available to District employees whose primary place of employment is in a school building or requires interaction with students, such as transportation employees. The District will implement such plan as soon as practicable on a timeline that is operationally feasible following the availability of such vaccines.  The District will plan for a robust 2021 summer school program offering families not only enrichment but also opportunities for remediation and enhancement.  The District will provide notice of such plan as soon as practicable so that District staff and families can plan.  The District will plan for and study the feasibility of beginning the 2021-2022 school year with a five days per week in-person learning model.
Vaccine Resolution
The Board approved a resolution urging federal and state governments, the Georgia Department of Health and the CDC to prioritize individuals who work in a school building or in a functional support or administrative role with a school district to have access to the COVID-19 Vaccination.

COVID Transmission Rate & Vaccines Update
At the Informal Meeting of the Board, an update on community COVID-19 Transmission Rates and Vaccinations was provided by Coastal District Health Director Dr. Lawton Davis.
Superintendent's COVID-19 Operational Update
An Operational Update was provided during the Superintendent's Report to the Board to include District updates for second semester. A review of current COVID-19 Transmission Rates was covered also.
Human Resources Mid-Year Personnel Analysis
At the Informal Meeting of the Board, Division of Human Resources staff presented a mid-year update on District Staffing and attrition levels as part of the District Accountability System. Additional discussion was provided about staff exit data under the pandemic.  It was noted that exit trend data in 2020 between July and December was lower than exit numbers in 2019 for the same period.

Graduation Rate Report – Better than the state average once again!
At the Formal meeting, Secondary Schools Associate Superintendent Bernadette Ball-Oliver provided a report on the 2020 SCCPSS 4 Year Cohort Graduation Rate. The district once again set a record with a 2019-2020 SY Graduation Rate of 89.7%!  Some key points in the presentation:

  • SCCPSS achieved a graduation rate of 89.7%.  This represents a gain of nearly 2 points compared to last year and establishes a new record high for the district. 
  • The district has improved the graduation rate consistently since SY 2014-15 and exceeded the SY 2019-20 annual target of 85.7%.
  • For the sixth consecutive year, the district exceeded both the state and the comparison group graduation rates.  In SY 2018-19 and SY 2019-20 SCCPSS earned the highest graduation rate within the comparison group.
  • Early College and Woodville-Tompkins maintained their 100% graduation rate.

Professional Senate Report
A report from the January meeting of the Superintendent's Professional Senate was presented by our Teacher of the Year and Instructional Support Person of the Year.
Technology Purchase Ratified!  Avaya IX Huddle Room Camera and Speaker Bundle
The purchase of this equipment is vital to the plan for dual and synchronous teaching. It allows for students to be highly engaged with their learning to support student achievement and mitigate learning loss. Cares Act funding will be used to purchase the Avaya IX Huddle Room Camera HC020 and Speaker Bundle for classroom teachers. Total estimated amount of camera bundles to be purchased was 1,295.

Single Sign-On Solution! ClassLink, Inc. (TIPS) Contract
The licensing agreement will provide a single sign-on from a cloud-based solution that will provide students with access to online instructional software and services from anywhere with just one ID account and password! ClassLink, Inc. also provides a portal for teachers to reset their own student's passwords.

Policy Adoptions
Policy JD-Student Discipline has been updated to account for alternative placement in instances when there is a basis for taking appropriate safety precautions.

Policy DJE-Purchasing has been modified due to changes that are needed as a result of the conversion to a new business information system (MUNIS).

Policy FG-Facilities Projects Administration has been modified due to changes that are needed as a result of the conversion to a new business information system (MUNIS).

Policy IFAA, Administrative Regulation IFAA-R Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption Pursuant to Board Policy BDE-Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy IFAA-Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption along with the supporting regulation. Changes were made in part due to the conversion to the new MUNIS business 

system, and to reflect current employee roles and responsibilities.
Policy First Reads

Policy IFBG & Regulation IFBG-R (Four-Year Review)/Deletion of Exhibits IFBG 1 and IFBG 2 Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy IFBG along with the supporting regulation and has determined a need for changes due to the changes of employee and student social media and internet usage. District Administration also recommends that the exhibits be deleted from the policy manual and be maintained in other places.
Policy II & II-R Testing Programs (Mid Period Review – Changes Recommended) Based on improving operational efficiencies and due to COVID-19 continued fluctuations in the testing/assessment schedule. District Administration has reviewed Board Policy II and supporting regulation. There are no recommended changes to the regulation. Based on Board feedback, further review will be required prior to a second read adoption.

Policy JR & JR-R Student Records (Mid Period Review – Changes Recommended) Language has been added to clarify the disclosure of Directory Information in response to Georgia Open Records Act. District Administration has reviewed Board Policy JR and supporting regulation.

National School Counseling Week
The Board proclaimed February 1-5, 2021 as National School Counseling Week to recognize school counselors who are actively committed to helping students explore their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents as these traits relate to career awareness and their ongoing academic development.

Memorandum of Understanding with Chatham County for H.O.P.E. Court
The Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding and authorized the Superintendent to support this initiative with designated District staff serving as Steering Committee members.  H.O.P.E. Court is intended to serve minor victims of Human Trafficking in Chatham County involved with Chatham County Juvenile Court. The purpose of this memorandum of understanding is to expand the existing relationship to endorse the goals and mission of the H.O.P.E. Court.

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