Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 Transition and Post-Secondary Support

​Transition planning as outlined under IDEA addresses post-secondary education opportunities, integrated employment, independent/community living and agency linkages.   In Chatham County, when a student reaches the age of 14 families will begin the conversation about hopes and dreams for the future.  These conversations are facilitated by our team of Transition Specialists assigned to each high school.  Transition planning is unique to the individual strengths, preference, and needs of the student and their family.  Post-secondary educational activities may include information about schools (4-year, 2-year or technical programs), campus tours (in person and/or virtual) or information on how to access the Disabilities Office on campus.  Employment activities may start with community access experiences (CBI) in middle school and progress to community based vocational (CBVI) activities and internships in high school.  We also support a job immersion program with two local business partners.  Daily adult living activities can range from learning about budgeting, meal planning, voter registration, public transportation, or accessing leisure activities.  For more specific information reach out your child’s case manager to learn how to contact your Transition Specialist. We work with a variety of agencies depending on the needs of the individual.  ​

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