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 Parent Mentors and Advocacy Support

​The Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership is an alliance of parents and professionals working together to improve outcomes for students with disabilities by enhancing communication and collaboration between families, educators and the community.  The mission of the Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership is to build effective family, school, and community partnerships that lead to greater achievement for students, especially those with disabilities. Parent mentors are parents who support other parents by providing information and resources to help their children succeed in school and transition from school to adult life. The mentors work to increase parent participation in IEP meetings, provide information related to improving reading and math, and help parents locate needed services and supports.  Parent mentors also work with teachers, staff, and administrators to integrate family engagement into school and district activities and to build a culture in which family engagement is expected and valued. 

What do Parent Mentors do in SCCPSS? 
Parent Mentors assist with the prevention side of the Dispute Resolution Process. Parent Mentors help facilitate communication & collaboration between the parent and the school team. 

Parent Mentors are a great resource for families and provide workshops throughout the school year to address various concerns for parents of students with disabilities.  
How do parents request assistance from a Parent Mentor?
For our county, if a parent in our district calls the GaDOE Help Desk, the GaDOE person will share the parent mentors names, phone numbers, and email addresses with the parent so that he/she can contact them directly to address concerns quickly. Local community agencies, advocates and parent support groups also share the parent mentors’ contacts  information with their participants. These groups will help their participants reach out to the parent mentors for assistance with school and  community issues. Teachers may also provide the parent mentor contact information to parents of students with disabilities. 

Parent Mentor Contacts

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