Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 Residency Affidavit Process

When the parent/legal guardian is not the resident occupant at a given address, the following items are required for proof of address documentation: 

  1. The Residency Affidavit Form must be signed by the parent/legal guardian and the residence owner at the Student Affairs Support Services Center (SASSC).

    Please note that one affidavit per school is required. 


  2. The residence owner must provide ONE of the following items in the name of the residence owner: 

  • A current mortgage statement
  • A current utility bill (gas, water or electric)
  • A current lease or rental agreement (month to month)
  • Current governmental agency mail (county, state, or federal)
  • Current is defined as within the previous 30 days. Cable or telephone bills are not acceptable.

​​Provisional Enrollment

A student shall be enrolled on a provisional basis and allowed to attend an LEA for 30 calendar days while awaiting evidence of age, residence, or other local requirements. The provisional enrollment period may be extended for extenuating circumstances.

Required Documentation of Legal Guardianship 

In order to register a student in a Savannah-Chatham County Public School, you must be the parent or legal guardian of the student. Please note that notarized letters are not accepted for proof of Legal Guardianship.  If you are the legal guardian, you must present a current copy of the court order signed by the Judge of Clerks of Probate Court. This court order is entitled TEMPORARY LETTERS OF GUARDIANSHIP OF THE PERSON OF MINOR. 

 If you do not have this court order, you must petition the Probate Court for Temporary Letters of Guardianship. You may initiate this process by contacting an attorney or: 

 If you have additional questions regarding the legal guardianship process, please contact: 

Probate Court
133 Montgomery Street, Room 509
(912) 652-7265

Other appropriate records for verification of guardianship are as follows:

A temporary order for placement through Probate Court

Placement documents issued through Juvenile Court and/or DFACS

Parents currently serving in the military may obtain a Military Power of Attorney for Parental Acts from the legal office on their military base.

You will be given a letter or an initial petition which you must take to the Student Affairs Office, Savannah-Chatham County Board of Education – 208 Bull Street, Room 311. If the papers are in order, you may be given a letter to the Principal allowing you to register the student at your attendance zone school. 

Please note, as guardian you are responsible for providing the school with proof of Final Guardianship appointment (see paragraph 1 above) within 30 days. Failure to provide this final documentation may result in the withdrawal or reassignment of the student.

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