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 Georgia Student Media Festival

​The purpose of the festival is to stimulate student interest and involvement in all types of media production. This is accomplished by providing an opportunity for students to show their work to an interested audience, to have their work critiqued by a panel of expert judges, and to be stimulated by the work of other students.

K-12 festival activities progress through three successive levels: building, system, and state. Entries must be evaluated at each level and receive a superior rating in order to proceed to the next level. Private schools are responsible for contacting the public school system in their geographic area for information on system or state level judging.

What is the Georgia Student Media Festival?

The Georgia Student Media Festival celebrates outstanding student produced media projects. Student projects are viewed and scored at an all day session held at Clayton County Schools S. Truett Cathy Professional Learning Center.. The Festival is sponsored by Georgia Association for Instructional Technology (GAIT) and the Georgia Library Association (GLA) in partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) and Clayton State University (CSU).​

Why Celebrate Student Produced Media?

Student media projects such as live action video, website design, animation and photography foster learning across the curriculum. At the elementary/middle levels, reading comprehension, writing skills and math facilities are developed. In addition to those areas, high school students increase their abilities to plan, analyze, and interpret results. Cooperation and leadership flourish where student media is encouraged.

Student created media, through its involvement in the world of computers, video, sound, and photography, is a proven avenue to increasing student participation in the classroom learning environment. Georgia Performance Standards and ISTE Technology standards are met and surpassed in the exciting atmosphere of creativity cultivated through the use of student media projects. Future academic and employment opportunities increase in relationship to the rise in technological proficiency.​

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