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 Georgia Student Media Festival

​The purpose of the festival is to stimulate student interest and involvement in all types of media production. This is accomplished by providing an opportunity for students to show their work to an interested audience, to have their work critiqued by a panel of expert judges, and to be stimulated by the work of other students.

K-12 festival activities progress through three successive levels: building, system, and state. Entries must be evaluated at each level and receive a superior rating in order to proceed to the next level. Private schools are responsible for contacting the public school system in their geographic area for information on system or state level judging.

What is the Georgia Student Media Festival?

The Georgia Student Media Festival celebrates outstanding student produced media projects. Student projects are viewed and scored at an all day session held at Clayton County Schools S. Truett Cathy Professional Learning Center.. The Festival is sponsored by Georgia Association for Instructional Technology (GAIT) and the Georgia Library Association (GLA) in partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) and Clayton State University (CSU).​

Why Celebrate Student Produced Media?

Student media projects such as live action video, website design, animation and photography foster learning across the curriculum. At the elementary/middle levels, reading comprehension, writing skills and math facilities are developed. In addition to those areas, high school students increase their abilities to plan, analyze, and interpret results. Cooperation and leadership flourish where student media is encouraged.

Student created media, through its involvement in the world of computers, video, sound, and photography, is a proven avenue to increasing student participation in the classroom learning environment. Georgia Performance Standards and ISTE Technology standards are met and surpassed in the exciting atmosphere of creativity cultivated through the use of student media projects. Future academic and employment opportunities increase in relationship to the rise in technological proficiency.​

Georgia Student Media Festival Winners from SCCPSS
Project Title School Name
1984  Coastal Middle School 
 British Columbia   Coastal Middle School 
 Saskatchewan      Coastal Middle School 
 All About Wolves      Garden City Elementary 
 Majestic Mocha   Garden City Elementary 
 Once Was a Time   Garden City Elementary 
 Polar Bear Poetry   Garden City Elementary 
 A Lego Headphone   Garrison 
 Alex's 11th   Garrison 
 An Inhumane Act   Garrison 
 Calligraphy   Garrison 
 Dancing is a Beautiful Thing   Garrison 
 Eleven Video Book Trailer   Garrison 
 Get Slimed Super Slime   Garrison 
 Lyric Talk   Garrison 
 Mia Merlin Art   Garrison 
 My Journey   Garrison 
 Penny Process   Garrison 
 Rap Eleven   Garrison 
 Second Tuesday   Garrison 
 The Tragic Birthday   Garrison 
 Where Do I Stand   Garrison 
 Frindle   Godley Station 
 Physical and Chemical Properties Rap   Godley Station 
 Serafina and the Black Cloak   Godley Station 
 Distracting Driving   Groves HS 
 Do Not Tempt Destiny   Groves HS 
 Growing Up Differently in the United States   Groves HS 
 HELP!   Groves HS 
 Hope- My Story   Groves HS 
 My Past   Groves HS 
 My Real and Awesome Columbia   Groves HS 
 Short Sighted   Groves HS 
 The Battle for My Venezuela   Groves HS 
 After the Fall   Haven 
 Most People   Haven 
 Read All About It!   Haven 
 Sergeant Reckless   Haven 
 Shark Lady   Haven 
 Handy Dandy Drawing Station   Heard Elementary 
 A Hero is Born   Hesse K-8 
 A Pill Bug's Life   Hesse K-8 
 Can you Tell a Frog From a Toad   Hesse K-8 
 Cancer Doesn't Define Me   Hesse K-8 
 Civil Rights   Hesse K-8 
 Family   Hesse K-8 
 Firdawek's Trip to Ethiopia   Hesse K-8 
 Halloween Safety   Hesse K-8 
 Hesse is the Place to Be   Hesse K-8 
 Lost in Technology   Hesse K-8 
 My Trip to Kennedy Space Center   Hesse K-8 
 Nancy Drew-The Professor and the Puzzle   Hesse K-8 
 Night Fever   Hesse K-8 
 Numb   Hesse K-8 
 Pollution PSA   Hesse K-8 
 Rhinos vs. Hippos   Hesse K-8 
 The Storm   Hesse K-8 
 What do Animals do in the Winter?   Hesse K-8 
 What is Lost but Not Found   Hesse K-8 
 Where in the World is Mrs. Coomer's Class   Hesse K-8 
 Where the Mountain Meets the Moon   Hesse K-8 
 Wolf   Hesse K-8 
 Wonder Book Trailer   Hesse K-8 
 Wrong Place, Wrong Time   Islands HS 
 Another Good Deed Done   Isle of Hope 
 Gary Gets Lost   Isle of Hope 
 Matylda, Bright and Tender Book Trailer   Isle of Hope 
 Rachel's Dream   Isle of Hope 
 Rosa Parks   Isle of Hope 
 The Surprise House   Isle of Hope 
 Adventure of Tom-Ado   Jacob G. Smith 
 Dream Woods   Jacob G. Smith 
 The Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle   May Howard 
 The Story Behind My Magic Carpet   May Howard 
 Join AV Tech   NHHS 
 Power NHHS '19   NHHS 
 We Are NHHS   NHHS 
 A New Improved Santa   Pooler 
 Asylum   Pooler 
 The Day the Crayons Quit   Pooler 
 The Recess Queen   Pooler 
 The Story of Brooke Madison Pack   Pooler 
 Harry Potter   Rice Creek 
2075  Savannah Arts Academy 
 Untitled   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Bors The Dragonslayer   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Finding Mapleleaf   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Frisbee Club   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Isolation   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Julia   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Lonely   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Miscommunications   Savannah Arts Academy 
 SAA Film Department   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Shelter Shoes   Savannah Arts Academy 
 Vaping Epidemic   Savannah Arts Academy 
 All About Llamas   Southwest Elementary School 
 Ellie's Story   Southwest Elementary School 
 Fourteen Lies Your Parents Told You   Southwest Elementary School 
 Harriet Beecher Stowe   Southwest Elementary School 
 MAC P   Southwest Elementary School 
 Marine Pollution   Southwest Elementary School 
 Our Solar System   Southwest Elementary School 
 Seddie's Life   Southwest Elementary School 
 The ABC's of Archaeology   Southwest Elementary School 
 Treasures from Ancient Greece   Southwest Elementary School 
 Velma Gratch and Way Cool Butterfly   Southwest Elementary School 
 William T. Sherman   Southwest Elementary School 
 Wings of Fire   Southwest Elementary School 
 Drone film   The STEM Academy @ Bartlett 
 Maker Class Blog by Faith   The STEM Academy @ Bartlett 
 Stereotypes for Women and Girls in Africa   The STEM Academy @ Bartlett 
 Visit Savannah Georgia   The STEM Academy @ Bartlett 
 Water Pollution   West Chatham Middle 
 Why STEM   West Chatham Middle 
 Fall Fashion Look Book   WFHS 
 First Day   WFHS 
 Night Terror   WFHS 

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