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Troubleshooting Tips

Published on: 8/18/2020
Troubleshooting Flowchart

​​​​If a parent or student has a technology problem, the first step is to contact your teacher.  If the teacher is unable to assist, he/she will escalate the issue to Library Media Technology Specialist (LMTS).  The LMTS will contact the parent/student.  If the LMTS is unable to resolve the issue, he/she will place a work order to have the device repaired OR will set an appointment to swap the device.​

Troubleshooting Tips and Support

Click Here to Report a Technical Issue or
 for Student ID/Password S​​​​​​​upport

My child has forgotten his/her password.

If you have registered for the password reset application, you can reset your password using the Password Reset Registration solution.  For step-by-step instruction and video click here.

If you have not yet registered for password reset, please contact the teacher/school for assistance or fill out the form below.

When my child attempts to login, the error message “Authentication Failed" is displayed. 

Check to make sure you are entering the student ID and password correctly and that there are no spaces. Passwords are case sensitive.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the teacher/school for assistance or fill out the form below.

On my personal device, I am certain my student is using the correct student ID and password. The “Authentication Failed" error message still appears. 

This may be due to the computer having cached another user's information. You can clear the browser history/cache by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete or Command+Shift+Delete while in the browser and ensure no one else is logged in. You can then attempt to log in again.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the teacher/school for assistance or fill out the form below.

My child still does not have a student ID or password.Please contact the school for assistance or fill out the form below.
Have all students received a student ID and password?Student ID and passwords from the previous school year will continue to work unless they were reset by your child's school. If you are new to the district, it will take 24-48hrs after the student is enrolled in PowerSchool to have one available for your child.  
My child has not received a student learning device.The district is moving towards 1:1 as quickly as possible. If your child has not been issued a student learning device, please contact your school for a paper learning packet.
I have not received a parent login ID and password to the itsLearning Platform

The itsLearning parent login will be ready for you in September - stay tuned for more information on this great resource.


The PowerSchool Parent Portal is now available! The portal provides information on student's schedule, class assignments, grades, and the ability to communicate with your child's teacher. Click below for additional information and to request a Parent Portal Account.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Where do I find additional information on the itsLearning platform?Information on the itsLearning Platform can be found here.



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