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Savannah High Student Lauded as Hero After Saving Neighbor from Fire

Published on: 8/23/2018

​​Seventeen year old Taequan Mitchell received a plaque on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 from Savannah Fire Chief Charles Middleton.  The young man, who is a student at the School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High, is being lauded as a hero for rescuing his elderly neighbor from a burning home Monday night. 

Authorities say Taequan’s mother and uncle noticed smoke coming from the house  across the street just before 10pm on Monday.  They sent Taequan over to investigate and he found the air conditioning unit in 85 year old Stephen Solomon’s bedroom window was on fire.  He called to his mother to dial 911 and went into the home where he found Mr. Solomon asleep in the burning room.  He woke up his neighbor and pulled him from the house, then waited with him until Savannah Fire arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire.

Savannah Fire officials say, not only did Taequan “exhibit exemplary bravery, he had the foresight to close the door of the burning room, which helped to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading.”

To see more photos from the award ceremony, see our SmugMug gallery here​.


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