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SCCPSS To Host Promoting Peace 2022 Virtually

Published on: 1/26/2022

The Department of Student Affairs is hosting a virtual series to encourage young people to avoid violence through listening to the shared experiences of others.  The series is designed for middle and high school students.  Each session will be presented over Microsoft Teams.  Each session will last for one hour and will feature a different speaker each week.   The sessions will be conducted from 3:30 until 4:30.

February 3rd - Julius Jones: Julius Jones works in gang prevention and intervention, educational guidance, peer mentoring, and education around trauma and depression. He is a public speaker and an author who has done work to mobilize a peace treaty and cease fire between the Blood's & Crips in Harlem, NY. Julius was a member of the set, Fruit Town Brims 30's 36th Street (subset of the Bloods street gang). This path took him to the Federal Penitentiary where he served 11 years. It was during his prison stint that he started to unlearn and relearn so that he could change his life and get ahead.  CLICK HERE TO ATTEND THIS SESSION.

February 10th - Theodore Martinez: “Teddie" is a campaigner against gun violence and an advocate for ex-felons reintegrating into the community. Born and raised in Patterson, NJ, Teddie has worked with communities across the country. In 1990, Teddie fell victim to a brutal gun assault where he was shot 11 times. It is that experience that motivates him to keep fighting to end the vicious cycle of violence that's sweeping across America. Teddie also serves as mentor and life coach to men and women of all ages.  CLICK HERE TO ATTEND THIS SESSION. 

February 17th - Jason Davis: Born and raised in Harlem, Jason Davis is an African American Author, Poet, Inspirational Speaker, and Parent Consultant on youth self-inflicted injuries. Davis has cultivated a youth empowerment movement based on gang diversion and strengthening mental health in the Black community. As an adolescent, he found himself drawn to a life riddled with drugs and gang affiliation. Using his own narrative, he educates others about mental health awareness, addiction and self-mutilation.  His influence as a high-ranking gang member has allowed him to assist communities to address gang related violence. CLICK HERE TO ATTEND THIS SESSION.


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