Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

SCCPSS Statement on Digital Access Issues

Published on: 4/7/2020

​We apologize for issues our families have had accessing Google Classroom during the transition to Independent Learning.  Google Classroom is a very popular system that is struggling under heavy loads across the globe as COVID-19 has locked the world’s population at home.

The rapid growth and surge in online traffic has caught systems off guard, and has been difficult to address. Systems are designed to withstand spikes in demand as they occur infrequently with time in between available to upgrade for future growth. Systems are not designed for what has happened in the last few weeks. The demand for resource access has spiked and continues to grow.  

​This sudden growth has stressed all IT infrastructure services, including ours here in Chatham County. We are working diligently to triage and resolve incidents as they come up, on-the-fly while trying not to interrupt the entire system. Unfortunately, we will continue to experience delays and connection problems.  Improvements are being worked on, but we ask for your patience during these difficult times.

The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System is committed to ensuring that digital content on its websites is accessible to persons with disabilities. If you or someone you know experiences an accessibility challenge on any of our web pages or digital content, please notify us by calling (912) 395-5538 or emailing

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