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SCCPSS Schools to Continue with Virtual Learning January 11th Due to Community Spread of COVID-19

Published on: 1/6/2021

Due to rising rates of COVID-19 in Chatham County, students will not return to in-person instruction on January 11 as initially planned.  The COVID transmission data does not support a return to in-person instruction at this time and all students will remain in virtual learning.  All staff will continue to report to their assigned worksite unless approved for remote work by medical exemption.  Teachers will continue to teach from their classrooms while students are learning virtually from home.

When the District recessed for winter break, it was our hope that metrics would stabilize following the increase after the Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, that has not proven to be the case.  Instead, all three of the indicators that are monitored - Community Transmission Index, Percentage of Positive Tests, and Daily Case Rate per 100,000 – are in the RED ZONE and rising.  Chatham County data can be found by accessing this web link:


Community Transmission Index – 408 = RED

Daily Case Rate Per 100,000 – 34.6 = RED

​Percentage of Positive Tests – 13.8% = RED

Based on the November 4, 2020, Board action that set the thresholds for a return to virtual instruction, students will remain in virtual learning until at least one of the indicators exits the red zone for 14 days. District officials will continue to monitor key metrics daily and will make an announcement regarding a return to in-person instruction through established communication channels, the District website, and social media channels.  

Given what we see happening in the news reports on increasing COVID-19 case numbers across the world and in our own communities and the advent of a new strain of the virus, the public health conditions will continue to be of concern to us all.  Everyone is encouraged to stay the course on public health practices. District officials continue to work closely with the Department of Public Health to monitor the spread of the virus through the community.

Please continue to wear masks over your nose and mouth, maintain proper social distance (at least 6 feet), wash your hands frequently, be mindful of group settings, and seek medical attention if you are not feeling well.  Remember, COVID-19 testing is available if needed.

Please monitor for the most current information. We appreciate your continued support.

**This message does not apply to Charter Schools.  If your child attends one of the five Charter schools operating in Savannah-Chatham, please consult your Charter school for applicable schedules.




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