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Public Comment Sought for Strategic Plan Updates

Published on: 2/7/2024


The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) invites you to review the proposed revision to its 5-year Strategic Plan, The Way Forward 2026. As this year marked a transitional time within the district with the installation of the 25th Superintendent, Dr. S. Denise Watts, it was important to revisit the original strategic plan and thoughtfully engage in the annual continuous improvement review process of this living document to incorporate the mission and vision of our new Superintendent. Dr. Watts arrived in July 2023 with a clearly defined Entry Plan and an intent to be the #1 student in the district for her first 100 days, listening and learning as she acclimated to her new role in our diverse and expansive district. Her observations were presented in The First 100 Days Entry Plan Report, the Listen and Learn Report​, which set forth a laser focus on the following components:

  • Student Achievement/Teaching & Learning
  • Parent, Partner, & Community Engagement/Communication
  • Talent & Human Capital/Central Office Capacity & Coherence
  • Finance & Operations
  • Culture

As these components align with the four goal areas of the strategic plan, our mission was to refine the strategic plan to directly connect the key points and noted challenges outlined in the Listen and Learn Report  with enhanced performance objectives and renewed key performance indices. The revised Strategic Plan, The Way Forward 2026 (2.0), is the culmination of numerous meetings and thought partnerships to determine the best path forward – to determine how we effectively address challenges and create new opportunities for growth and achievement across the district. By addressing challenges and strategically paving an intentional path forward, we have charted the key drivers for district success – for the success of our students, teachers, staff, and the community – and for the transformation of the organizational climate and culture of our district. These key drivers are the following:

  • A climate that fosters a positive, creative, and supportive work and learning environment
  • A culture that values professionalism, accountability, and responsiveness to the schools and the community it serves
  • A safe, welcoming, and inclusive school and district environment
  • A school and district environment that supports life/work harmony and employee success
A renewed strategic focus and value-added culture will pave our way forward ​.
You can review the presentations here.  




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