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Nearly Two Dozen SCCPSS Students Awarded at Elementary Level Georgia College Science Fair

Published on: 4/24/2023

​Thirty-five Elementary students from Savannah Chatham County Public School System were among the more than 300 Georgia students who participated in this year's State Science and Engineering Fair at Georgia College.  The college hosted the 6th Annual Georgia College Primary and Elementary Division Science and Engineering Fair in Milledgeville, Georgia on March 9, 2023, for students across the state in grades K-5.    Twenty-one of those 35 SCCPSS students placed either First, Second, or Third in the state competition.

By participating in the Science and Engineering Fair, students have the opportunity to put the scientific inquiry process to work! Students must showcase their knowledge and skills to identify problems, make discerning observations, formulate viable hypotheses and design unique, organized, and logical strategies to answer their questions.  Students take on the role of Scientist and/or Engineer to communicate their findings and provide meaningful contributions to the advancement of science and engineering. 

Each project must identify a problem and illustrate the unique, organized and logical strategies designed to solve the problem. The project process involves reading, logical thinking, writing, grammar and spelling, math, statistics and data analysis, computer science, and graphic arts, as well as scientific methodology. Early participation in science fair projects creates pivotal moments which impact students' curiosity and confidence in the areas of science and engineering.

Additionally, when students participate in a formal competition like the Georgia College Science and Engineering Fair, they prepare for their future by engaging in public speaking, dressing professionally, and sharing their ideas and problem-solving process in a clear and concise manner.

Student projects were judged with rigorous criteria by professional scientists, engineers, teachers, and university students. We want to commend the following students for their hard work and dedication to advancing their own knowledge of science and engineering. We also commend the support and guidance provided to these students by their families, teachers, and administrators!

Congratulations to the competitors from Savannah-Chatham County Public School System!

Esther F. Garrison K8

  1. Addison Schaefer - To Eat or Not to Eat (First Place Honors)
  2. Kearian Wallace and Taliah Haberman - Stroop Effect
  3. Miles Curtis - Say Cheese
  4. Reese Barnidge - Great Growing Gummy Bears
  5. Davis Long and Wyatt Williams - Hair Color Splash
  6. Wyatt Minnick - Melting Colors (Third Place Honors)
  7. Sahana Reddy - Filter Fun
  8. Graycen Sky - The Electric Motor:  Future of Transportation
  9. Kritya Patel - Solar Powered Car
  10. Leonard Timmons - Filtered Drinking Water
  11. Mimphis Jackson and Ca'Liyah Pugh - Is My Black Shirt a Heater?
  12. Kaitlyn Campbell - Food Wrapping Effects on Apples
  13. Kennedy Johnson and Jaslyn Lee - The Strength of an Electromagnet
  14. Abigail Bogden, Bella Davis, and Merlee Berrios - Fertilizer Frenzy

Hodge ES

  1. Macee Riley - Gummy Bear Factory
  2. Nekkethyah Carner - Gummy Bear Lab
  3. Nyla Cansler - Lava Lamp
  4. Jerimaih Leeks - The Explosive Truth
  5. Jahlil Williams - Balloon Powered Car

J. G. Smith ES

  1. Addison Padgett - Eyes vs. Taste (First Place Honors)
  2. Logan Scharrett - Can Baking Soda and Baking Powder be Used Interchangeably?
  3. Joshua Lee - Going Green
  4. Claire Bennett - Charging Batteries is a Hot Topic (Second Place Honors)
  5. Baldwin Kana - Yeti or Not, Here I Come!
  6. Addison Hatcher - Need for Speed! (Second Place Honors)
  7. Eleanor McDaniel - The Spin Theory (First Place Honors)

New Hampstead K 8

  1. Kate Zipay - Pop Me Some Popcorn
  2. Gyan Patel - The Biggest Bubble (Third Place Honors)
  3. Aarav Dharmaraj - Paper Airplane Flight Test (First Place Honors)

Special Awards

  1. Eleanor McDaniel - Spin Theory; Excellence in Community Impact; JG Smith ES
  2. Aarav Dharmaraj - Paper Airplane Flight Test; Excellence in Material Science Research; New Hampstead K 8
  3. Eleanor McDaniel - 5th Grade Best of Class, JG Smith ES
  4. Addison Schafer - Best of Biological Sciences; Esther F. Garrison K 8
  5. Aarav Dharmaraj - Best of Chemical Sciences; New Hampstead K 8


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