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Facilities Planning - SCCPSS Announces School Zone Realignment

Published on: 11/2/2023
​In response to recent residential population shifts and commercial growth throughout the county, Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools will realign attendance zones to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.  A new Facilities Plan presents options for Renovation, Replacement, Repurposing, or Reconfigurations that are timed to answer the greatest, most immediate needs. Projections for student enrollment and student/staff needs remain a critical factor for decision-making.  These recommendations are built on an inclusive approach, improved efficiency for District operations, and optimal usage of building facilities. 

These changes follow a logical configuration of attendance zones that allow for transportation efficiencies, increased safety and security, capacity management, and more instruction time for students.   A thorough Facilities Condition Assessment has been performed and provides insight into the effects of deferred maintenance, capital renewal, educational suitability, and technology readiness master planning.  In addition to financial considerations, SCCPSS also must bear in mind legal mandates, such as GNETS (Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Supports), and programmatic impacts, such as ESOL, CTAE, Athletics, and Special Education.  These considerations will allow for more inclusive schools and build stronger school communities with improved opportunities for parental involvement.  

Transportation route improvements will provide some cost savings, reduce travel time on buses, and ​​improve on-time arrivals at school.  This in turn will lead to increased instructional time, as well as allow more students to take advantage of school breakfast at no charge.  

Population shifts have influenced school zone attendance boundaries for years and now is no exception.   Immediate and future trends, along with building conditions, will influence capacity levels at schools.  This plan will “right size” the census in our schools, reducing overcrowding at some schools, while offering more sustainable and economical operations at others with better utilization of educational space and components.  However, no staffing reductions are planned to accomplish the goals in the plan.

This plan will impact 20 schools in SY 24-25.  Some impacts will not be felt until SY25-26.  You can learn more about the recommendations in the Facilities Planning Guide presented at the Informal Board Meeting on November 1, 2023.  Parent and staff meetings will be scheduled at schools throughout the district during the coming months. 

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