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2021-22 SY Transportation Changes FAQs

Published on: 7/1/2021

​​Why is the district changing the transportation services offered?
Due to critical driver shortages we are unable to guarantee transportation for all students.  Only students in the approved priority levels for transportation will be routed for bus service. 

What are the priority areas for approved transportation?
Priority 1: Identified students with an IEP or 504 Plan that include Special Transportation Services, ESOL, and McKinney Vento students
Priority 2:  Zoned Elementary School & K-8 Students                                                                                       Priority 3:  Zoned Middle and High School Students

Does this transportation plan impact all CHOICE school/Choice program students?         
Yes, all students in CHOICE/Specialty programs are impacted in grades K - 12.

What if I have a student with an IEP or 504 plan where transportation is not in their IEP or 504 plan?     
Priority 1 transportation includes students where special transportation services are specifically required.  All others with an IEP or 504 plan will be reviewed on a case by case basis if requested.  Requests should be referred to the Office of Specialized Instruction.

When and how will families be notified that they are receiving transportation?       
School administrators will receive the information regarding routes from transportation once they are complete.  Administrators will inform the identified families of their bus stops time and location.  The goal of transportation is to have all routes completed by the week of July 26.

Will support be provided for managing additional car riders and walkers for CHOICE/specialty programs and zone schools?       
Yes, Campus Police is doing an assessment and developing a plan to support schools in this area.  They will be visiting site administrators to gather input. 

Will students be required to wear masks on the bus?      
Yes, students will be required to wear masks on the bus. Mitigation protocols for cleaning and sanitization will continue.

If my child is not provided transportation, can I enroll them in virtual studies?        
Yes, families may register for an opportunity to enroll in the Savannah Chatham E-Learning Academy, the district's virtual learning option.

If I have questions or need more information, who do I call?  

Call the transportation Hotline at (912) 395-6065

If my child is not approved for transportation, what are my options?
Families in priority levels 4 and 5 may transport their children to and from school, consider a transfer to your zoned neighborhood school, or consider enrollment in the Savannah-Chatham E-Learning Academy.  Please take note of the following important considerations:

  1. Parent Provided Transportation: Please ensure you are familiar with your school's parent drop off and pick up procedures and times.  The bus driver shortage is expected to influence car ridership and result in heavier than normal traffic congestion.
  2. Transfer to Zoned School: Any family seeking to enroll their child in his/her Zoned School must notify your current school to begin the transfer process.  School personnel will be able to assist beginning July 12, 2021.  On this date, a link will also be provided on the public website for filling out a school transfer. A TRANSFER TO YOUR ZONED SCHOOL DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT TRANSPORTATION WILL BE AVAILABLE. BUS ROUTES WILL NOT BE FINALIZED UNTIL THE END OF JULY.
  3. SCELA (E-Learning Academy): Families may consider a virtual option through the District's E-Learning Academy.  Any student seeking a full time, online option may register for an opportunity to enroll at SCELA, an online public school with teachers who are practiced in the delivery of online instruction.  Click here for additional details: E-Learning Academy

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